48 Hours In Oahu, Hawaii

48 Hours In Oahu, Hawaii

Maui is loved by all and especially Westerners but Oahu is it’s big brother and started the tourism in Hawaii. Not only that but it sits right in the middle of a reinvention where it escapes the typical stereotypes of high rise buildings and instead promotes a high end hot spot for sun, surfing and shopping.

The Modern Honolulu is a breathtaking hotel with a sparkling clean white lobby with a custom scent that delightfully reminds you that you are on holiday.

Day 1

surfingFor the keen and experienced surfer then head out to the north shore of the island where the serious surfers hang out. For the beginner surfer, Waikiki Beach is a good training ground to learn the basics and a lesson at the Hans Hedemann Surf School is definitely worthwhile.

Catch the waves all afternoon and then come evening, trade your wetsuit for your dressier attire and indulge into a four course tasting menu at Chef Mavro run by the jolly George Mavrothalassitis, a Marseilles-born, James Beard award-winning cook with a penchant for the fresh island ingredients of his adopted home. If you want to continue on into the night then head on down to the La Mariana Sailing Club for a drink with a hit of tiki chic.

Day 2

Leonard’s Bakery is famous for their portuguese doughnuts that are dusted in sugar and are packed full of creamy custard. Once you have overeaten on these sweet delights prepare for your exploration at Kalakaua Avenue’s Luxury Row and Royal Hawaiian Center, which is a boulevard that is edged with palm trees and high end shops. If you just want to window shop then perhaps you can treat yourself to a trip at the Mandara Spa at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and have a heavenly bamboo massage. Bamboo shoots are soaked in essential oils and rolled along your back to smoothly melt your troubles away.

You can then take to Diamond Head and get actively involved in the unequipped lookeloos or take the road less travelled for a more unique experience. Bike Hawaii hosts Bike and Hike treks on private trails which are filled with beautiful scenic views and a splendid waterfall at the end of your trip.

Enjoy your evening meal at Iron Chef Morimoto where the tables are uniquely dressed in moss and oversized coral. The restaurant is a favourite with the Obama family when they are in town and it is no surprise as the menu is stunning. Finish the night off at the Study of Modern and enjoy a drink or two.

Day 3

honolulu skylineThe best way to appreciate the scenic views of Hawaii is to grab a rental car and head north to the most spectacular shores. Keep your eyes out for those skillful surfers attempting those magnificent huge waves. You can stop off for lunch at Romy’s Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp and savour a plate that is piled high with luscious shrimp smothered in plenty of lemon and garlic.

One last thing you must do before your trip comes to an end and that is to swim with dolphins which is an absolutely amazing experience. You can follow a wild pod through the deep blue seas and snorkel to get a sense of this truly fabulous adventure.

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