When to Visit the Algarve

When to Visit the Algarve

Two familiar questions that most people ask when choosing a destination to holiday in are “when’s the best time to visit the Algarve?” And also “what’s the weather like?”

I have had the privilege of experiencing every month of the year in Portugal so I thought I would give you an insight on what to expect depending what time of year you are visiting.



Although it is not particularly hot in the springtime, it has very pleasant temperatures ranging from 17-20 degrees during the day which is warm enough to pack your summer wardrobe and a chilly 8-9 degrees in the evening, so it may be worth packing a light jacket for your evening meals!
As you would expect from Spring, you can see the flowers bloom to life and Portugal is famous for their oranges which are at their best around March.

The Algarve has its own version of April showers like we are used to in Britain, the difference being the showers normally ease off going into May and don’t last all summer!! April can be quite unpredictable as it can show off some lovely temperatures which can often be short lived by some chilly spells when those showers roll in. Unfortunately, April is also Easter holidays and you can expect the prices to soar around this time.


May and June are the nicest months to visit the Algarve as the temperatures in my opinion are spot on. They average around the mid 20’s which is delightfully warm without being overly hot. The added bonus of this time of year is the resorts are still fairly quiet and so you can make the most of soaking up the sunshine.


July and August are the hottest months ranging from the high 20’s to some days peaking into the 40’s … scorching! The temperatures rarely dip much during the evening as well so be sure you have a hotel room that has air conditioning if you want to guarantee a better night sleep!
The summer months are when the Algarve certainly comes to life where it hosts a wealth of events and festivals for you to enjoy day and night. The downside is that during these months, it can get extremely busy so if you are looking to do something in particular it may well be worth booking in advance to avoid any disappointment.

September is a fabulous time to visit as the peak season has ended but the temperatures still remain hot in the high 20’s. You can also enjoy a little more room at the beach and you’ll probably get seated straight away at your favourite restaurant.


October and November can still hold some pleasant temperatures during the day but the warmth certainly starts to disappear during the evenings, so a light jacket or jumper is well needed. With the sun being lower this time of year, the sunsets are magical and unforgettable and you cannot leave without trying their roasted chestnuts.


December and January temperatures are still fairly pleasant during the day, making this a popular destination to visit during the Christmas and New Year periods. If you want to escape the busy shopping malls and supermarkets where people are grabbing those last minute Christmas presents and making their Christmas dinner preparations then the Algarve can offer you complete peace and quiet with temperatures in the high teens. Don’t be fooled by the daytime warmth as by evening, it can drop to only a few degrees and before you know it, you will feel like you are back home in the UK.

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